A to Z Pod Directory

www.apieceinthesun.com – Quality wooden structures for those holi-staying in France
www.aye-pod.co.uk – Say “Aye” to an Aye Pod (Scottish Pods)
www.ayepod.co.uk – Scottish pods – designed and constructed in Scotland
www.buildyourdreamhouse.co.uk – Building your dream house can now be a reality
www.buongiorno.org.uk – quality and affordable structures for those Italian vacations
www.caravan-pods.co.uk – pods to replace or complement caravans (BS 3632)
www.chic-sheds.co.ukReally “chic” sheds (and similar)
www.cotswoldcabins.co.uk – Quality wooden structures for The Cotswolds
www.croft-pods.co.uk – Helping crofters to diversify
www.czero.co.ukSpherical pod
www.dirtyglamper.co.uk“Dirty” glamping
www.exclusi-veranda.co.ukGlazed Terraces offering fantastic outside / inside space
www.farm-pods.co.uk – Helping farmers to diversify
www.golf-pods.co.uk – Stay and play (Golf)
www.grand-lodges.co.ukQuality log-based and timber frame buildings
www.grand-lodges.comBespoke wooden buildings providing real value
www.hamewilldaeme.co.ukHome holidays
www.holistay-uk.com – top notch, self-contained UK accommodation
www.hotel-pods.co.ukExtra (and different) room capacity without much upheaval
www.island-pods.co.uk – Pods for The Highlands & The Islands
www.lab-dem.co.ukSite Preparation / Building Removal / New Building Construction
www.law-garden.co.ukHome Office Pods for Solicitors (UK)
www.law-garden.com – Home Office Pods for Solicitors (Worldwide)
www.lawgarden.co.ukSOHO Pods for the Legal Professional
www.law-pods.co.ukPods for Lawyers (and their clients)
www.les-pods.comPods for France, Corsica (and Sardinia)
www.lodge-pods.co.uk – Large pods that are lodge quality
www.lodgic.co.uk – The Website for discerning purchasers of quality, wooden buildings
www.logboxhouse.co.uk – Your own “bespoke” log-based or timber frame house (UK)
www.logboxhouse.com – Your own “bespoke” log-based or timber frame house or lodge
www.logcabinlawyer.co.uk – For all the legal aspects relating to pods, lodges and other wooden buildings
www.logsiopoly.co.ukAdvice about all types of log-based or timber frame buildings
www.luxury-pods.co.ukSuper comfortable and elegant pods
www.marina-pods.co.uk – Pods for marinas / Stay on dry land
www.morayfirthpods.co.uk – Pods sourced, designed and constructed in Morayshire
www.mystaycation.siteStaycationing in style
www.mywetdreams.co.ukHot tubs, artificial turf, and all types of decking
www.naked-pods.co.ukJust quality pods – for you to “fit out” as you please
www.newtinyhouse.co.uk – An innovative range of structures for most budgets
www.northeastpods.co.uk – Pods designed for the North East of Scotland / England climate
www.parking-pods.co.ukPark, Relax, and Stay
www.pensionpods.co.uk – Investing in pods is a good way to “top up” the pension(s)
www.pet-pods.co.uk – For those who really love their pets
www.plastic-lumber.co.uk100% Recycled Plastic for decking, fencing and the like
www.pub-pods.sitePods for Pubs – no more worries about finding accommodation
www.podportfolio.co.uk – The most extensive range of quality pods that provide real ROI
www.restaurant-pods.co.ukPods for Restaurants – Dine in / Stay In / Privacy In
www.scott-tubs.co.ukQuality hot tubs manufactured in the UK (providing real value)
www.stay-home-office.co.ukWorking from Home Solutions
www.turnkey-pods.co.uk – “Turnkey” Pod Solutions – ready to go
www.vin-pods.comPods for vineyards in France and beyond – Visit / Sample / Stay / Relax
www.vudis.co.ukExceptional and innovative structuresdesigned in The Baltics
www.whisky-pods.co.ukPods for Distilleries – Visit / Sample / Stay / Relax
www.wine-pods.co.uk – Pods for vineyards (and those who enjoy wine)